Madden NFL 97

DOS game, 1996

Stormfront Studios
Electronic Arts
Football (American)
DOS (1996), Genesis (1996), SEGA Saturn (1996)

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Madden NFL 97 is a sports game that lets players step into the world of professional American football, featuring the depth and excitement of the National Football League. This game brings the intensity and strategy of NFL football to life, offering various modes including exhibition matches, full seasons, and playoffs. Madden NFL 97 was for its time certainly the most realistic and at the same time most playable simulation of the typical American sport - Football. However, the tension and atmosphere of this game cannot be conveyed nearly as well on the PC as in a live game or a TV broadcast. EA Sports therefore had a hard time finding players of Madden NFL 97, especially outside the USA. This is the first edition of Madden to implement a salary cap when customizing team rosters. It also features the new Baltimore Ravens, formerly the Cleveland Browns for the 1996 season. The game also adds a team of real free agents (as opposed to the blank slate used in Madden 96), which can be traded and added to other teams' rosters (led by recently semi-retired quarterback Randall Cunningham), and can be played by using a cheat code. The best team in the overall ranking, with a score of 85 was the Dallas Cowboys and the worst team with a score of 62 was the Baltimore Ravens. The best ranked offenses were between the Cowboys and the Lions with a score of 92. The St. Louis Rams had the best ranked defense with an 86. The Miami Dolphins had the best ranked special teams with a 93.

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