PlayMaker Football

DOS game, 1991

Brøderbund Software
Brøderbund Software
Football (American)

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Unlike many sports games of its time, PlayMaker Football focuses less on arcade-style gameplay and more on the strategic elements of football. Players take on the role of a coach, responsible for devising plays, managing rosters, and making game-day decisions. This emphasis on strategy over action was a distinctive feature that set it apart from other football games.

One of the key strengths of PlayMaker Football is its play editor. This tool allows players to design their own plays in intricate detail, controlling the movements of each player on the field. This level of customization was groundbreaking for sports games of the era and provided a deep and engaging experience for players interested in the nuances of football strategy.

The game also features a robust team management system. Players can create and manage their teams, dealing with aspects like player positions, depth charts, and player stats. This management aspect adds a layer of depth and realism, simulating the responsibilities of a real football coach.

On the field, PlayMaker Football offers a top-down view of the action. While the game does not feature the high-resolution graphics and animations common in later sports titles, its simplistic presentation focuses the player's attention on the tactical aspects of the game. The gameplay during matches requires players to make real-time decisions, adding a dynamic and challenging aspect to the experience.

While the game does not have the official NFL license, it compensates for this with its deep gameplay and the ability to customize teams and players. Players can recreate real-life teams and scenarios, adding to the game's replay value.

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