Ikari 3: The Rescue

DOS game, 1990

Shooter, Warfare

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Once again also this game marks a significant shift in gameplay style from its predecessors, focusing more on hand-to-hand combat rather than the shooting mechanics that defined the earlier games. In Ikari III: The Rescue, players once again take on the roles of Ralf and Clark, but this time the mission is different. The game's plot revolves around a rescue operation to save a kidnapped child of an influential politician. The setting moves away from the battlefields of the previous titles and instead takes players through various urban and jungle environments.

The most notable change in Ikari III: The Rescue is the emphasis on close-quarters combat. While firearms are still present, they play a much less central role in the gameplay. Instead, players engage in melee combat, using punches, kicks, and throws to defeat enemies. This hand-to-hand combat system introduces new gameplay dynamics, including the ability to grab and throw enemies, adding depth to the combat.

The game features a variety of enemy types, each requiring different strategies to defeat. In addition to human adversaries, players encounter environmental hazards and occasional vehicle-based sections, where they can use jeeps and boats to traverse levels. Graphically, Ikari III: The Rescue maintains the top-down perspective of its predecessors but with improved graphics. The character sprites are larger and more detailed, and the environments are more varied, enhancing the visual appeal of the game.

Despite the shift in gameplay focus, Ikari III: The Rescue still offers the action-packed experience that fans of the series expect. The change to hand-to-hand combat was a fresh take on the series, providing a different kind of challenge for players to master.

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