Ikari 2: Victory Road

DOS game, 1987

Shooter, Warfare

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This game takes a departure from the realistic military setting of its predecessor and ventures into the realm of science fiction and fantasy. In Ikari II: Victory Road, players reprise the roles of Ralf and Clark, the protagonists from the first game. However, this time, they find themselves transported to a strange alien world. The objective is to battle through this bizarre and hostile environment to ultimately defeat an evil alien entity threatening the universe.

The gameplay retains the top-down shooter style of the original Ikari Warriors but introduces new elements that enhance the action. Players navigate through various levels filled with a plethora of alien creatures, using a combination of firearms and melee weapons. Unlike the first game, Ikari II: Victory Road adds a more prominent use of fantasy elements, with players wielding swords and other mystical weapons alongside traditional firearms.

One of the distinctive features of the game is its unique setting and enemy design. The alien world is richly imagined, with diverse landscapes that range from barren wastelands to futuristic cities. The enemies are equally varied, including bizarre alien creatures and robots, which require different strategies to defeat.

Ikari II: Victory Road's shift to a science fiction setting was a bold move that set it apart from its predecessor. While it retained the core gameplay mechanics that made the original popular, the new thematic elements provided a fresh and exciting experience for players.

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