Exploration (Voyages of Discovery)

DOS game, 1994

Software 2000
Software 2000
DOS (1994), Amiga (1994)
Also known as:
Voyages of Discovery, Exploration: A Game of Strategy and World Conquest, Christoph Kolumbus, VoD

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The building and trading strategy for 1-4 players will take you back to a time long past, when the Earth was largely unexplored and a number of white spots on the world map were brilliant. The game allows you to slip into the role of one of the famous discoverer. You can be not only the famous Christopher Columbus, but also the equally famous James Cook or Vasco da Gama. Your character always starts in the home port with the initial capital in your pocket and one smaller ship. Before setting out on the horizon, the ship must be equipped with everything needed for the voyage; provisions, merchandise and you must hire a quality and dedicated crew, including experienced soldiers. During the game it is possible to buy or build your own ship. On a map of 6,400 fields, you will gradually discover new islands and countries, whose inhabitants you will incline gifts, trade or subjugate their territory by force, for which, however, you will not reap praise from the Holy Church. You will gradually plant the emerging colonies through villages, build plantations and missions, all to the satisfaction of the Royal Majesty, under whose flag you will act, especially to fill the Royal Treasury.

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