Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy

DOS game, 1992

3rd-person, Platform
Puzzle elements

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The classic arcade game, where you hops with a tiny ball, taht is afraid of sharp edges. The task you have to collect as many points (mostly food) and entered into the Hall of Fame. After collecting everything that can be taken, to open secret exit and level is finished. There is no so many levels, but it's still quite nice. It is not necessity to complete every level, which is a good point.

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Game review

Classic arcade. in the game you jump with a tiny ball, prone to sharp edges or moving cymbals (if it's a different tool, correct me). Your task is to collect as many points (mostly food) and enroll in the Hall of Fame. After collecting everything that can be collected, a secret exit opens, after which the level is completed. There are not many Levels, but even so it goes - average. Body plus. At some levels, I lost unnecessarily many lives. This is not just about jumping, but also the effective timing of jumping. Gradually, new types of walls and reflective surfaces appear. The classic one is brown, the blue one is watery and glides, so you move on smoothly according to Newton's laws of motion. The green plate will disappear under your feet over time (?), You are a ball, so it just disappears. Some walls will only let you go in one direction, either verically or horizontally. So there are many variations. And so that no one will stone me, they are not variations, but combinations.
The difficulty is not great, it can even be said that it is small. However, in order to complete the individual levels, it is sometimes necessary to involve the gray cortex. The combination of a floor that kicks you somewhere and water that won't stop you is quite deadly if there is a bayonet at the end. Wittily.

The controls are really primitive, the gameplay is good. Only the game could contain more difficult levels. If you like arcade game Bumpy will definitely not disappoint you. 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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