Bubble Bobble

DOS game, 1988

Taito Software
3rd-person, Platform
Puzzle elements
MAME 2003 (1986), Commodore 64 (1987), ZX Spectrum (1987), Atari ST (1987), Amstrad CPC (1987), Amiga (1987), NES (1987), SMS (1988), DOS (1988), Apple II (1989), Game Boy (1990), Game Gear (1994), Windows (2004)
Also known as:
Final Bubble Bobble, Dragon Maze, 泡泡龍, バブルボブル

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Bubble Bobble screenshot 2Bubble Bobble screenshot 3Bubble Bobble screenshot 4Bubble Bobble screenshot 5

Although it may not look like from the screenshots, this game is the story about two humans - friends Bub and Bob. When walking in the woods, they went into mysterious cave and are miraculously transformed into two small dinosaurs. The only way to be transformed back into human form is to overcome all obstacles and pitfalls and reach the end of the cave. The game sets Bub and Bob on an exciting journey through the cave, where the only way to regain their human forms is to successfully navigate through a series of obstacles and challenges. Bubble Bobble is uniquely designed for two players, creating an enjoyable cooperative experience. One player controls Bub, while the other takes on the role of Bob, working together to progress through each level. To go further, you need to get rid of all the enemies in each level. Your bubbles are a powerful weapon which you can create and use them as a platform, or imprison enemies in them. Players can use these bubbles to reach higher areas or trap enemies, making each level a fun puzzle to solve.

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