Bubble Bobble

DOS game, 1988

Taito Software
3rd-person, Platform
Puzzle elements

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Although it may not look like from the screenshots, this game is the story about two humans - friends Bub and Bob. When walking in the woods, they went into mysterious cave and are miraculously transformed into two small dinosaurs. The only way to be transformed back into human form is to overcome all obstacles and pitfalls and reach the end of the cave. Bubble Bobble is a nice arcade platform game designed for two players - one controls Bub and the other Bob. To go further, you need to get rid of all the enemies in each level. Your bubbles are a powerful weapon which you can create and use them as a platform, or imprison enemies in them.

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As Super Mario, you must navigate the Mushroom Kingdom. Defeat the dangerous mushrooms along the way, and finally save the princess from the game's main nemesis, Bowser.

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