Ultimate Domain (Genesia)

DOS game, 1994

Amiga (1993), DOS (1994)
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Ultimate Domain, also known as Genesia in Europe is a strategy game that combines elements of city-building, resource management, and turn-based tactics. In Ultimate Domain, players start with a small settlement and a handful of settlers and the game requires careful planning and strategic decision-making, as resources are limited and must be used wisely. The player's task is to build a functional kingdom, where food and water must be provided for the citizens in each occupied sector and then used to mine ores, manufacture weapons and then recruit them into the army against the enemy. In addition, new technologies must be invented, whether for building better buildings, making more effective weapons, or researching medicine to cure diseases and make vaccines against them. Genesia is a mix of games like Powermonger, Mega lo Mania, The Settlers and Sid Meier's Civilization. Visually, the game is heavily inspired by Populous. It takes place around the 16th - 17th century, so it's reminiscent of the Rudolphian era of research and invention, and the furthest you can go is flying bombardment balloons. Victory can be achieved by completing two objectives. Either send search teams to different sectors and collect the seven magic stones that are brought to your temple or by defeating all the enemies on the map.

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