DOS game, 1990

Board / Party game, Turn-based, Warfare

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Stratego screenshotStratego screenshotStratego screenshotStratego screenshot

Accolade had a very good sense of creating games people would like and spent many hours playing. In 1990, they bought the rights to a well-known board game in America as well as Western Europe called Stratego and turned it into a computer game. The game plan consists of 10x10 squares on which two players can play. The game pieces are placed on the board in 4 rows, but in any order. This is a move strategy, so we can only move one square forward, backward, left, or right at a time. In the middle of the map there is a river, which is passable only in 6 places, the water area with an area of 4 fields is completely impassable. The pieces that are available have different strengths, so you have to be careful which piece you are going to attack. It is a very pleasant strategic and logical leisure time. Even at lower levels of difficulty, the program plays very well, so you will sweat a lot if you want to win the fight.

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