DOS game, 1991

Chris Pirih
Top-down, Other
Skiing / Snowboarding
Windows 3.x (2001)

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SkiFree is the standalone version of the game originally included as a part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3 (1991) for Windows 3.x, and later made available separately for Windows 3.x. It was then re-compiled for 32-bit Windows systems when the author found back the source code and released it for free through his website. Players control a skier on a downhill slope on a mountain. From the start, three types of courses can be selected, but these can also be ignored. SkiFree is a casual single-player sports simulator wherein the player uses the keyboard or the mouse to control a skier across a white background representing snow on a mountainside. The object of the game is to ski down an endless slope and avoid the obstacles (trees, stumps, dogs, etc.). The player can also opt to partake in three modes: slalom, freestyle, and tree slalom. In slalom, players must properly ski around flags in an attempt to complete the run with the shortest time possible. Tree slalom adds obstacles to the slalom run. In freestyle, players ski downhill and jump off ramps while racking up points by performing tricks. Deductions are imposed for colliding into obstacles or failing to land properly after a stunt. When the player passes the 2,000-meter mark, the Abominable Snowman appears and starts to chase the player, eating them when it catches them.

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