Winter Challenge

DOS game, 1991

Olympiad, Skiing / Snowboarding
DOS (1991), Genesis (1991)
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The Games: Winter Challenge

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The Winter Challenge, released in 1991, is a captivating sports simulation game that immerses players in the world of winter sports. As its name suggests, the game is centered around a variety of winter sports disciplines, offering a counterpart to the later released Summer Challenge which focuses on summer sports. Winter Challenge stands as an enjoyable and engaging winter sports simulation game. Its variety of disciplines, competitive tournament mode, and the option for multiplayer gameplay make it a worthwhile experience for those who enjoy winter sports or are looking for a fun, sports-themed game to play with friends. While it may not have the same acclaim as Summer Challenge, it remains a solid choice for fans of the genre and those looking to experience the excitement of winter sports competitions.

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Game review

The Winter Olympics, released in 1991, probably doesn't need to be supplied anymore, because it must be immediately clear to everyone that there will be talk of winter sports. A year later, her counterpart - Summer Challenge - was released.

Before you start playing, you can choose from two modes: training and tournament. During training, you can repeat the disciplines (there are 8 in total) as you wish, while your only possible task in each discipline is to improve your own record. The tournament is a much more fun affair. It can theoretically play up to 10 players at once, unused players will be replaced by a computer (you can choose 3 difficulties). You are of course competing for medals, which awaits you a total of 24. And now the disciplines ...

Slope and big slalom - in both cases you try to get to the end of the slope, while you have to go between the gates. Both descents differ only in their track and the width of the goals (in the big slalom they are much closer to each other).

Boby-again two almost identical disciplines, this time with different tracks and speeds that you can achieve. Otherwise, even here you have to get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Ski jumping - the shortest discipline where you just have to time the rebound and rebound well

Cross-country skis and biathlon - up to a third of a pair of similar disciplines. seconds to total time.

Speed ​​skating - in the end we have one completely incomprehensible matter, there are 3 laps, nothing special, except that in the 3rd round you start to slide off the track, thus your chance to win a medal is reduced to zero.

Winter Challenge is not as good as its summer counterpart, but if you enjoy winter sports and you bite some bug, then don't forget to try it. 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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