Resident Evil: Survivor

Windows game, 2002

Puzzle elements, Shooter, Horror, 3D action, Post-Apocalyptic
Windows (2002)
Also known as:
Biohazard: Gun Survivor

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Step into a world of survival horror with the 2002 Windows game, Resident Evil: Survivor. In this gripping addition to the Resident Evil franchise, players navigate through a chilling narrative filled with suspense, mystery, and relentless zombies. Pilot Ark Thompson crashes in Raccoon City, which is teeming with zombies and is in ruins from a recent government attack that was supposed to wipe out the entire population of the American city and get rid of the "T" virus once and for all, the result of research by the Umbrella Corporation. The events of the game are set between the second and third parts of the series. Resident Evil Survivor is a spin-off of the Resident Evil series. The main difference is the inclination towards the action concept, compared to the survival horror series. The view has also been changed, which this time is from the first person. An advantage, absent in the PC version, is the ability to use a light gun for aiming. The game was originally released only on the PlayStation console, but two years after its release, it received a port for the Windows operating system. Although the Windows version was only released in China, the dubbing and captions remained in English.

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