NHL Hockey

DOS game, 1993

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts
DOS (1993)
Also known as:
NHL '93, NHL Hockey 93

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The first game from the famous hockey (NHL) series. At the very beginning of the game there is a perfect intro (don't look at me, the game was released in 1993). Immediately after the intro there is a nice hand-drawn commentator, who is gonna comment hockey games. The menu over the top of his head and menu has many different options. You can select different types of games: from exibitions, through the playoffs and even play through hockey season. In my opinion, menu is a little bit complicated. The most attractive is the season, where the aim is to win the famous cup: Stanley Cup. Although it's not going to be easy to win it.

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Welcome to the New Yersey Devils and Buffalo Sabers match! This match will be all the more interesting because New Jersey is about advancing to the playoffs. Initial throw-in ... But Buffalo lost to him. Puck has a New Yersey player. Passing on the blue offensive left wing, the pass was wonderfully processed and he has a great chance to shoot! Shoot! AND IT'S A GOAL !!! New Jersey in the first minute of the match leads 1-0 !!! ...
This is probably how you will end up after 5 NHL HOCKEY 93 games :)

Right at the beginning of the game, you will be amazed by the perfect intro. (Don't look at me like that, it's the year 1993 :)) Right after the intre you will see a more or less hand-drawn commentator. It kind of reminded me of working in wi ... ehm. In the menu, which is located above the commentator's head, you have many, but very many options. From exhibition through the playoffs to the season. The menu is, however, in my opinion very complicated and it would definitely be a bit stale to make it a little clearer. The most attractive is, of course, the season, where you try, of course, otherwise to win the STANLEY CUP. Of course, the journey will not be easy. And at this point we get to playability.

What is NHL93? Nowadays, does the NHL 2005 and similar games have a chance at all? OF COURSE YES. In my opinion, NHL 93 is, according to others, probably one of the best NHL ever. Why? Simple operation, which of course resembles the real one. I played the 2004 NHL demo and I'll tell you, I wasn't fascinated at all. That's not it anymore. It's all so re-screened and revised and I don't know, it doesn't suit me. Of course, I don't want to discourage you from the 2004 NHL. But I think the good old days of 90-96 are gone forever. But let's go back to NHL 93. What I really like about NHL 93 is the graphics and animations. For example, the departure of players from the substitute is absolutely great. Or you can hit a referee who falls. Also spectators. They are completely worldly. They drive your team to win.

And I'm not even talking about sounds and music. The music is so louder, but in the intre it will put you in the right mood to play the game. Sounds are the real spice in the NHL. The noise of the spectators, the crack of the ice hockey stick, the siren and similar things that are an integral part of hockey.

And what about control and difficulty? Well, here's a little problem. The control is perfect (alt + space + arrows). But the difficulty. It's awfully huge, at least from the beginning until you get used to it. And again, when you get used to it, you will give terribly good results. Sometimes I no longer enjoy crushing "poor" DALLAS 15-0. The difficulty spoils this wonderful game a bit.

So I highly recommend the game. For those who don't remember this game, I recommend that they find out what games the elders we enjoyed and maybe find out the charm of the 93s. And for those who remember the game, I also recommend that they remember the good old days. 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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