Crimson Skies

Windows game, 2000

Zipper Interactive
Ubi Soft Entertainment
1st-person, 3rd-person, Other
Flight, Warfare
Windows (2000)

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Dive into the high-flying world of aerial combat and adventure in Crimson Skies, a game that redefined the flight simulation genre in 2000. Set in an alternate 1930s America where air travel reigns supreme, this Windows game combines thrilling dogfights with an engaging narrative. Players take on the role of Nathan Zachary, a daring air pirate and leader of the Fortune Hunters, navigating a landscape of intrigue, betrayal, and daring escapades. The world of Crimson Skies was created based on the novels that were published long before the game. The United States is divided into several larger, mutually hostile territories that are at war with each other. However, almost all important ground targets, including communications, have been destroyed, so all fighting and business takes place in the air. Each faction owns several huge zeppelins that serve as air fortresses and bases for classic aircraft. This situation also lends itself to various air pirates. One of them is you, a man named Nathan Zachary, who completes various missions for his group Fortune Hunters. Crimson Skies is a simulator that prioritizes fun and good aircraft control over realism, so it is accessible even to newcomers to the genre. The missions are very original - from the defense and destruction of huge zeppelins to transport or acrobatic tasks. You can acquire new planes, upgrade them and mount new weapons on them. The whole game is laid out in an interesting retro style with an attractive environment that stems from the great possibilities of alternative history.

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