F-16 Aggressor

Windows game, 1998

General Simulations
Bethesda Softworks
1st-person, 3rd-person, Side-view
Flight, Shooter, Warfare

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Acting as a mercenary, take charge of an F-16 Falcon and fly more than 40 dangerous missions all across destabilized regions of Africa. F-16 AGGRESSOR is the closest anyone outside the military will get to experiencing an F-16 Falcon. he game throws you into a series of pre-made missions based on Africa, with the option to play multiplayer dogfights for up to 8 players. Included are the usual amount of features found on hardcore sims, like blackouts, redouts, etc though there is no padlock view. Graphics are Direct3d and Glide accelerated and include various smoke and lighting effects. This isn't a perfect F-16 game, but it's fairly realistic - much more realistic than Novalogic's F-16 Multirole Fighter for example. You have good control over the airplane, you can switch between MFD moves, HUD modes, etc. The flight modelling is ok, the manual is large and detailed and the gameplay is pretty complex - not a hardcore sim like Falcon 4.0, but still OK. The campaign isn't very complex and the story is rubbish but you get instant action and training missions.

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