F-14 Tomcat

DOS game, 1990

Flight, Warfare

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The F-14 Tomcat was one of the first flight simulators, whether on a PC or other consoles. In the game you have two options. The first is training, in which you learn to work with your air team, and the second is action in which you complete missions around the world. In these missions, it is mostly a matter of shooting down enemy fighters or aircraft carriers. From time to time, you will also be assigned to so-called security missions, the aim of which will be to protect and safely transport, whether an Allied bomber or an aircraft.

What kind of military fighter would it be if it didn't have a huge arsenal of fire. During missions, you will be able to rely on the Phoenix-Amraam air-to-air missiles, the Sidewinder short-range air-to-air missiles, or the proven Cannon, which only hits targets in the immediate vicinity. Then you have the opportunity to launch deceptive targets that lure you enemy missiles when you are in danger. You can maneuver the fighter as you wish. You can regulate her speed, do pirouettes or turn 180 ° and fly down your head. You may even catapult during the impending intervention, but when you do, you will be brought before a military court.

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