Aces over Europe

DOS game, 1993

Sierra On-Line
1st-person, 3rd-person
Flight, History, Warfare
DOS (1993)

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Aces over Europe is the sequel to Dynamix's aviation simulation, Aces of the Pacific. As the name suggests, this time you will sit in the cockpit of one of the many World War II planes fighting over Europe. You can choose between American, British and German planes, the Eastern Front is not included here. This time there are only fighter jets to choose from. While the foundation has remained the same, the game has improved both in terms of graphics and enemy AI. The game is definitely not easier, the realistic effects (weather, weapon jamming, engine overheating, etc.) have remained or have been improved. Nevertheless, the game remains true to the more arcade concept. In its time, the game represented the pinnacle of technology and was very demanding on the computer.

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Game review

Aces Over Europe is a simulator of air battles over Western Europe during World War II. It comes from Dynamix, which created several simulators in the 1990s, including Red Baron and Aces Of the Pacific. (AoE is more or less analogous to AoP, but is newer, with better graphics and artificial intelligence.) If you know AoP, you will appreciate that the menu system and aircraft controls are the same, so just think what and not how. However, AoE is generally more difficult.
You can fly individual missions of your choice, which is best for starters, or complete the rest of the war in the German, British or American Air Force. Each party mostly a certain type of tasks. You enter the story a month before the invasion of Normandy. The war is divided into several campaigns, which roughly correspond to a certain period of development of the military situation. At the beginning of each campaign, you can always choose the unit you want to serve. This is a very important choice because each unit uses a different type of aircraft and performs different tasks. Then it will depend only on you.

There are enough types of aircraft. Unlike AoP, you can only fly fighter jets, although some of the tasks will be attacks on land or sea targets. Of course, each aircraft has different characteristics, speed, climbability, dexterity, armament and so on. And some of these characteristics change significantly with flight altitude. You may be faster on the ground, but the other one may be faster at 15,000 feet ...

There are training missions to touch your plane. It is absolutely necessary to be able to take advantage of your aircraft and the weaknesses of enemy types, otherwise you will not survive even a week. Well, you try again and in time you'll find out what's going on. You will figure out how not to give the enemy the opportunity to attack and how to look for such an opportunity yourself, how to avoid anti-aircraft fire, how ...

When you destroy a couple of bridges, shoot a couple of locomotives, bomb a couple of airports or fortifications and shoot down a couple of enemy planes, honors and promotions begin to come, and with that one big advantage - as a commander, you can decide what and how.

So, the ammunition is replenished, the tanks are full ... let's go. I wish you how many take-offs, so many happy landings. 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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