Biing!: Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels

DOS game, 1991

reLINE Software
Magic Bytes
3rd-person, Side-view
Adult, Humor, Managerial, Medical

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Biing! (the name is derived from "The Machine that makes pink" from the movie The Meaning of Life) is a game about running a hospital. In contrast to the thematically similar Theme Hospital, the humor is rather satirical, you will be in charge of incompetent doctors and nurses whose only qualification is the size of their chest (the authors go so far as to push the message about the dishonesty of the whole project twice before you start to play).

All financial operations take place in a game currency called "dong", for which the player pays not only land and buildings, but also hospital equipment and staff salaries. The money is obtained, among other things, by treating patients, and if the account balance drops to zero, the game ends.

Biing! it is riddled with cartoon images similar in style to the more famous series with Lula. The (allegedly real) nurse will guide you through the tutorial in the video sequence, and if you do not know how to proceed while playing, it is possible to consult the next step with in-game help in the form of an eternally angry boss.

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