Windows game, 1999

Eurocom Developments
Disney Interactive
Platform, Side-view

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Everyone knows the story about a little boy who was rescuedby a gorilla named Kala. Since then Tarzan grows up happily between monkeys and try to emulate as much as possible. In the game we experience Tarzan's childhood, but also growing. Even well his first encounter with people and maybe even first love. In the game puts himself in the role of Tarzan in particular, but in a couple of levels to play as well as his monkey friend Terk, or even a woman named Jane. The levels you'll collect coins and coins for every hundred you get life. There will also be a collection of letters from which you pass the name of Tarzan. If you pick up all you will be rewarded with a preview of the film. Besides the letters there are snatches of drawing baby baboon. In total there are four in each level. After successfully collecting all the pieces will unlock the bonus level.

Bonus levels are on a time limit, but it can be extended by collecting the purple fruit. The levels also meet a lot of enemies such as different species of monkeys and pirates, who can defuse throwing yellow fruit. In addition, yellow can also throw purple, red and blue, which have a more devastating effect, but these species already have a limited amount. In addition, jogging also enjoy surfing trees, swimming in the river, the flight stork on the back or escape from the baboons.

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