Windows game, 1997

Eurocom Developments
Disney Interactive
Windows (1997)
Also known as:
Disney's Hercules

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The main character, as the game suggest, is the son of the god Zeus - Hercules, who was chosen as the one to win peace for the Greeks and defeat the great evil. Many enemies and traps accompany you throughout the game, but you can easily resist thanks to your astonishing strength. For Hercules, one punch is enough to break a marble pillar. The story is very simple; Moiry predicts to Hades that he will soon cross a line of five planets and then release the Titans from their prison in Tartar and become the ruler of the world. But everything has its up and downs and for Hades the down is called Hercules. We follow his rise from training and his journey to the Serpent, where he is encountered by various obstacles, from falling stones, centaurs or bloodthirsty crows. There will also be iconic bosses such as Medusa or Hydra, whose head you will chop off, or an angry Minotaur. And you'll even fly over to Pegasus. During your journey you will find a number of weapons, which will then make it easier for you to fight your opponents. The composition of the levels is really varied and every now and then you will learn some special trick that will step up your skills on the way to the Hade's underworld.

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