SNES game, 1993

Software Creations
Activision Japan
Platform, Side-view

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In Plok!, players control the titular character, Plok, on his quest to rid his island home of pests and reclaim his stolen flag from his arch-nemesis, the Flea Queen. Plok's distinctive feature is his ability to shoot his limbs in any direction to attack enemies or interact with the environment, a mechanic that sets the game apart from traditional platformers.

The gameplay revolves around navigating through various levels, each with unique themes and challenges. Plok's limb-shooting ability is central to the gameplay; players can detach Plok's arms and legs to hit distant enemies or activate switches, but doing so also leaves Plok vulnerable, as he can't jump without his legs. This mechanic requires players to think strategically about when and where to use Plok's limbs.

The game features a variety of power-ups and costumes that grant Plok different abilities. For instance, some costumes allow Plok to shoot projectiles or navigate through the levels more easily. These power-ups add variety to the gameplay and are crucial for overcoming the game's many challenges. Plok! is renowned for its challenging difficulty, with a wide variety of enemies and intricate level designs that require precision and careful planning. The game includes boss battles that are both creative and demanding, adding to the overall challenge.

Upon release, Plok! was praised for its originality, challenging gameplay, and the unique limb-shooting mechanic. While it didn't achieve the same commercial success as some of the more well-known platformers of its time, Plok! garnered a cult following and is remembered fondly by fans of the genre. Today, Plok! is considered a hidden gem of the SNES library.

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