Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns

Windows game, 1984

Platform, Side-view
Puzzle elements, Animals

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The game's objective is simple and very well known to all Pitfall players - to navigate through a sprawling, labyrinthine underground environment, filled with treacherous traps, dangerous animals, and precious treasures. The setting of the caverns is beautifully rendered for its time, with a variety of obstacles and challenges that require skillful navigation.

One of the most innovative aspects of Pitfall II is its non-linear gameplay. Unlike many games of its era, which typically followed a single, straightforward path, Lost Caverns offers players a more open and exploratory experience. Players have the freedom to traverse the game's world in multiple directions, uncovering its secrets and hazards at their own pace. This design was quite advanced for its time and contributed to the game's lasting appeal.

Graphically, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns was a step up from its predecessor, with more detailed and varied sprites and environments. The game's visual design effectively conveyed the sense of adventure and danger inherent in exploring mysterious caverns. Additionally, the game featured a continuous, multi-channel background music score, which was relatively rare for games at the time and added to the immersive experience.

Version for download in here is the freeware remake from 2007 for Windows.

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