DOS game, 1995

Team 17 Digital
Ocean Software
Warfare, Turn-based, Animals, Humor

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Worms+ is an add-on to Worms. It includes some modifications to the gameplay, such as the ability to choose the worm the player wants to use each turn, as well as additional levels and multiplayer support. It also allows the creation and the use of custom levels and speech packs.

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Game review

Do you know worms? Isn't it? So go back to the jungle, because, honestly, who wouldn't know them. Little, crawling, helpless ... Helpless? Not quite anymore! Because the subject of worms (or worms ...) is the mutual killing of these helpless animals ... And I don't even have to say that it's a damn fun killing!
So to play: at the beginning you can choose teams (2-4) they are configurable .. You can rename the team, worms and increase .. Somehow .. the endurance of your worms. After completing the configuration, we can start the fight for the cup with an extensive weapons arsenal, which includes shotguns, bazookas and, of course, grenades ... And kamikaze sheep? This is nonsense after all ... But forget about bombing! Or would it? But again, it will not be such a simple joke, because you have to estimate, for example, the ballistic curve of a bazooka, take into account the strength of the wind and tact quite enough for success. The sounds are very pleasant, especially the worms have missed! And the music is also pretty good. Even considering the age of the game, I would rate the graphics: it's very detailed and the worms dressed in green something-like-coats look really brilliant ...

And now I throw myself into the strongest side of the game: multiplayer ... You can play over the LAN, but the biggest fun comes when you crouch with your group of friends and shout at each other: "You wouldn't do this to me .... You bastard! !! " But that doesn't mean you don't play on your own. You can configure computer opponents, but they are far from genius. Their AI means, more or less, the ability to overthrow an airstrike and shoot incredibly accurately from a bazooka, but they lack any tactics ... Well, everything is saved by the already mentioned multiplayer.

The experience of the game is underlined by the deformability of the environment (ie when a grenade explodes, it makes a hole), which is also an important tactical element that will become your nightmare and ally, and the fact that often a piece of clay remains levitated in the air can be quite easily sorry .. it's just an arcade! And when we're at the environment, it would be a sin not to mention alternative armament of worms such as rope, bungee-jump rubber, jackhammer .. And you can even enjoy the enemy by poking him with your finger in the water! And you don't have to worry about the lack of environment - they are generated randomly and quite logically.

So, to sum up, I don't have to describe anything anymore ... Who doesn't download this and play with the closest friend is not normal! My rating: 9/10

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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