Jill of the Jungle

DOS game, 1992

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Epic MegaGames
3rd-person, Platform, Side-view
DOS (1992)

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Another of the many femine games, that are trying to break the action genre and put a girl in the main role. In the most arcades games, you jump with some creature, or at least something furry. Here the main character in the action is Jill. Jill is quite a capable woman, for example she can throw knives. This is useful when you meet in the woods huge ant on a tree, or spider, or whatever it is. I was pleasantly surprised by the behavior of the game itself: the game itself will remind you to save the progress and I find this very usefull, since I always forget to save the game. …read more

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Another of the many feminizing games. In most arcades you jump with some creature, preferably round or at least hairy. This is where Jill becomes the center of the action. Jill is a relatively capable woman, she can throw knives, for example. This is useful when you meet a huge ant on a tree in the forest. Maybe it was a spider. Or an arachnid. Throwing a knife at angry bees is useless ... Well, it's not important. To the course of the game. I was pleasantly surprised by the behavior of the game itself. It will alert you to the need to save, at least for me it affects the fertile soil, I forget to save. Or when collecting the already mentioned knife, the item that throws Altem immediately pops up in the menu. The advantage and it's nice.
The game is divided into a number of worlds, between which you move on numbered stones. This sounds weird, but it's true. Everyone differs from the monsters that crawl there, but also from the possibilities of movement. In the forest you can climb vines or jump on branches, on the rocks you can look for small islands on which you jump higher - if you do not fall. And if you fall nothing happens, the only exception is falling into the fire or on bayonets ...

Jill is one of many arcade games and together with Gianna they contribute to a greater representation of the fairer sex in the computer. I wonder what it will be ...: D

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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