DOS game, 1993

Warped Minds
Zeppelin Games
Amiga (1992), DOS (1993), Atari ST (1993), Commodore 64 (1993)
Also known as:
Turbo Carnage

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Fast cars, lots of explosions and the stress of whether you manage to make another turn without any mistake, because even the smallest mistake could cost you the loss of the whole race - that's Carnage, a racing game in which you'll get a little action too. The game is similar to Micro Machines - cars are small, you can see them only from above, but there are damn fast and they can cut edges like no other car. You use three basic commands: forward, turn left and turn right. As you noticed, the brake is missing, and believe me, you won't need it. Cars are really fast and every mistake can cost you the victory. Opponents are also very fast and it will take a while to learn how make the perfect turn and avoid your opponents, so they won't crash you (if they do, they might to manage to turn your car into the opposite way). To win, you you can also use 2 extra functions: nitro - extreme acceleration of the car, known from many game (especially suitable for long straights) and you can also leave a mines on a track. If your rival came across a mine, it will explodes and this will slow him down for a while.

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