Asterix & Obelix

DOS game, 1996

Platform, Side-view
Cartoon, Humor
DOS (1996), Windows (1996), SNES (1996)
Also known as:
Astérix & Obélix

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Journey back to the beloved world of the indomitable Gauls in the 1996 DOS game, Asterix & Obelix. This action-packed adventure captures the essence of the classic comic series, inviting players to step into the shoes of the famous duo as they embark on a quest to thwart the Romans. With vibrant graphics and faithful recreations of the comic's style, the game is a nostalgic trip to ancient Gaul. Year 50 BC Almost the entire territory of Europe at that time is occupied by Roman troops. Even the rebellious Gauls are in thrall to the Roman emperor. That is, except for one village. One village resists Roman pressure. Thanks to the druid Getafix, who can cook a magical potion that gives the Gauls superhuman strength, and the Romans only watch the events in the village from afar. Local heroes Asterix and his friend Obelix travel across the Roman Empire and want to bring home one souvenir from each conquered country. Our valiant Greeks visit some other Gallic settlements, cross the sea to Britain, continue through Helvetii, Greece, Egypt to Hispania. Along the way, they battle brash Romans and collect rare artifacts. Even though Asterix & Obelix is a fairly standard platformer with familiar elements, it is still very appealing. Not least thanks to the fun two-player mode. The very successful graphics with well-animated sprites and all sorts of gags convey a true comic feeling. All essential jump & run elements such as bonus rooms, collectible extras such as invulnerability, energy refreshers or even additional lives are included and are nicely lightened up by the small games in the game, such as the Olympics or the rugby match. The sound is also successful, creating an additional atmosphere.

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