SimCity 2000

DOS game, 1993

Maxis Software
Managerial, Real-time, Building, Construction
DOS (1993), Macintosh (1993), Amiga (1994), Windows 3.x (1994), Windows (1995), SNES (1995), SEGA Saturn (1995), Nintendo 64 (1998), Game Boy Advance (2003)
Also known as:
模拟城市2000, סים סיטי 2000, SimCity 2000: The Ultimate City Simulator, SimCity 2000: Symulator Buddwy I Rozwoju Miasta, SimCity 2000: La Super-Simulation D'Urbanisme, SimCity 2000: Der ultimative Städte-Simulator, Sim City 2000, SC2K, SC2000, シムシティ

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In 1993, Maxis released SimCity 2000, a sophisticated upgrade to its groundbreaking city-building simulation series. This new version came with a host of enhancements, presenting a more intricate and nuanced approach to urban management. Its complexity was a welcome challenge for the more seasoned players in the genre. …read more

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Game review

You may have heard of a young man named Will Wright, who is the author of the theme and the first version of the program. It was in 1987, when he tried in vain to find a publisher for his ideas. Everyone thought he was crazy and didn't believe that his program could be broadcast on a large scale. In the end, he had no choice but to start his own company called Maxis and hand it over himself. To date, 5 million pieces have been handed over, and thanks to the efforts of other companies to imitate this idea, another whole category of simulation games with the so-called Open end. This means that the target is not specified. It continues for as long as you make a mistake Or as long as you enjoy it.
In 1993, it came up with a new version of SimCity 2000. At first glance, it is clear that the game has received many improvements and is also much more complicated. However, any flax a little more experienced player will welcome flax with this fact.

As a player, you get into the role of administrator or mayor of the city with the power to decide on its operation. At the beginning of the new game, you have an empty plot of land and a certain amount of money. We build houses for them and try to get tenants in them. Tenants of the SO but very demanding. They move flax to you and build a road, electricity, shops, work and public transport. However, this is just the beginning. Your task is to keep the tenants and increase their number as much as possible. They are the only income of your city treasury, because they pay rent and taxes. If I'm too taxed, they won't like it, if I'm too low, you won't have money for city development. But you really need money. If you do not want to lose the inhabitants of the city, you have to build hospitals, schools, cultural centers, police stations, a fire station, a park, a sports complex, etc. A real test, however, is the SO still a variety of disasters that you, Rovňák As in real life.

Right at the beginning of the game, I can create a landscape according to my own ideas. You can differently combine forest, river and sea. It is sensible to create a plane that offers plenty of opportunities to build your city. For the construction of hydroelectric power plants suitable for rivers with flowing water, which DATA to be used and for the construction of the shipyard, port and associated shipping. In the game there are various types of wills and other things needed to run the city. When you build a power plant, you will introduce electricity, the assembly will still introduce you to a water pipe. He can build a train track as well as a NETWORK of buses and the metro. There is also a great need to build an airport, which is necessary for the arrival of residents and is important for trade.

The game has a very complex tax system that can be set up for each industry in its own item. It can also adjust the city budget expenditures at its discretion. At least that's how you try on your own skin, How the management of a self-governing unit works. It is up to you how much you contribute to healthcare, education, the police, etc. Of course, they must also take into account that your decision will have certain consequences and that they will be reflected somewhere. For example, if you reduce Road Financing, they will start to fall apart after a while and you will be forced minutes of non-Christian money to restore them.

Likewise, the SO has prepared scenarios that you can choose, such as the Great Fire of San Francisco or the alien invasion.

SimCity, or Simulation of the city is one of the few games which, from a didactic and psychological point of view, are not considered to be defective. At first glance, it might even seem that in an almost ideal way it will meet the requirements for a creative or constructive way of working with a computer, which is described as the most suitable for its use as a tool for teaching and self-improvement. In addition, most existing versions of this program do not contain any remarks about physical violence, without which the common commercially successful computer game can no longer do without.

I think the review talks about everything and some reviews + Or - I'll leave it fully to you ;-) 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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