DOS game, 1992

Maxis Software
Maxis Software
Managerial, Animals, Educational, Nature
DOS (1992), Macintosh (1992), Windows 3.x (1992), Amiga (1993)
Also known as:
SimLife: The Genetic Playground, SimLife: La Cour De Recreation Genetique, SimLife: Der genetische Spielplatz

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It is unbelievable how many Sim games have been published by Maxis in the 90s, many of them have been forgotten. The company is clearly rode the wave of popularity from the famous Sim games, like SimCity and they have made all possible variations of these games, for example:SimLife, with a subtitle The Genetic Playground (Playground genetics). As always, this is an excellent strategy/simulation of life, where you can modify a number of things. You can create virtual words from the very beginning, or edit already created by Maxis. In your virtual world, you can edit almost everything - from weather, climate, number of animals, modify genetic characteristics of plants and animals, etc. You can follow the evolution of live on the screen of your monitor. Since messing with the animal genetics, their development doesn't always go as it would in the real world, so you may find that some of animals does not exist in the real world (eg giant slug or mini kangaroo). This is actually the whole point of the game - to experiment, to create a unique, self-sustaining ecosystem and enjoy lots of fun during the gameplay.

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