IndyCar Racing 2

DOS game, 1996

Papyrus Design Group
Sierra On-Line
1st-person, 3rd-person
DOS (1996), Windows (1996), Macintosh (1996)
Also known as:
Indycar Racing II

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You remember when you had 286s, 38s, or 486s at home. What racing game do you remember from those times? It will probably be formulas from Mircopros and their legendary game Grand Prix. At that time, Papyrus, which focused on the American market and racing games from their environment, tried to compete with Microprose's formulas, among other things, they released this successful game: IndyCar Racing II. Racing games from Papyrus were characterized mainly by how many opportunities they provided for the player. Most racing games let you choose the maximum car and circuit, but in IndyCar you can choose from tires, shock absorbers, engine and everything set (tire pressure, speed gradation, wing pressure angle, ...) and adjust before each race. You feel like a great boss of all the mechanics in the world, and when you start to enjoy it, you will spend a long time setting up your car. The game also has 3 basic settings that you can choose and not worry about yourself, but I recommend trying and testing your own settings, because the basic ones are almost unusable. The game has nice graphics, realistic sounds, pleasant music, elaborate circuits and an almost perfect ride. All you have to do is end with the sentence that starts the most famous race on the American continent: Gentlemen, start your engines!

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