Frontier: First Encounters

DOS game, 1995

Frontier Developments
Managerial, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Flight, Real-time
Amiga CD32 (1994), DOS (1995)
Also known as:
FFE, Elite 3, Frontier: Elite III

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The Soholia galactic system was hit by a major disaster, which resulted in a huge increase in medicine prices. Such an event is very tragic, but at the same time it attracts the attention of those who know how to make money from it - for example, smugglers. And you are one of the smugglers in this great game. Frontier: First Encounters is no newcomer, being the third installment in the Elite series. The first Elite game was one of the landmarks of computer entertainment, it brought a lot of innovative elements: the absence of a plot, an open world with almost no borders and one principle of the game: earn as much as possible. Classically, you have a choice of 2 different paths that you can take. Either you will earn like a classic businessman and slowly "get rich", or you can talk your way to wealth very quickly: through the path of a black smuggler. I'll leave the path you choose up to you, but you can probably guess which one is interesting. But what is the absolute best part? Your own spaceship! Depending on how much funding you have available, you can purchase various equipment such as shields, better lasers, or computers.

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