The Software Toolworks Inc.

Sherman Oaks, CA, US
The Software Toolworks started in 1980 as a publisher of software for Heath/Zenith personal computers. Early products included MYCHESS®, The Original Adventure, and the C/80 C compiler for CP/M. In 1994, The Software Toolworks was renamed Mindscape. The Software Toolworks is now a part of The Learning Company.
Company's most popular games on
  1. Star Wars Chess (1993) — Developer, Publisher
  2. Life & Death 2: The Brain (1990) — Developer, Publisher
  3. Life and Death (1988) — Developer, Publisher
  4. MegaRace (1994) — Publisher
  5. Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letters (1993) — Developer, Publisher
  6. Four Crystals of Trazere, The (1992) — Developer

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