Car Builder

DOS game, 1982

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1st-person, Other

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As one of the earlier entries into the genre of simulation and design games, this game offered players a unique opportunity to explore the intricacies of automotive design and engineering in a fun and interactive way. The premise of Car Builder is simple yet engaging. Players take on the role of a car designer and manufacturer, tasked with creating vehicles that meet specific criteria and needs. The game provides a range of components such as different engine types, chassis, body styles, and accessories that players can combine to build their custom cars.

The game introduces players to the basic principles of automotive design and engineering, including aerodynamics, engine performance, and vehicle dynamics. Players learn how different components affect a car's performance and efficiency, providing insights into real-world vehicle design.

The interface of Car Builder is straightforward and user-friendly, considering the limitations of early 1980s computer technology. It uses simple graphics and text-based menus to guide players through the car design process. While the graphics are quite basic by today's standards, they were sufficient for conveying the necessary information and allowing players to experiment with different design choices.

However, the game's simplicity also means it lacks the depth and complexity found in more modern automotive simulation games. The design choices, while varied, are somewhat limited, and the game does not delve into the more intricate aspects of car manufacturing like marketing, pricing, and customer preferences.

Game'ß focus on car design and the basics of automotive engineering makes it an interesting and informative experience, especially for those with an interest in cars and engineering.

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