DOS game, 1988

Paddle / Pong

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Arkanoid, released in 1988, is recognized as a true classic in the gaming industry, having laid the groundwork for many action games that followed. Do you not believe me? Well, the foundation of this game is to destroy all the bricks and action games are about destroying all enemies - there! :)

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese game Breakout, Arkanoid involves controlling a platform at the bottom of the screen. Players use this platform to strategically bounce a ball upwards, aiming to hit and destroy bricks arranged in various patterns above. Each successful hit chips away at these brick formations, and clearing them all allows the player to progress to the next level.

Arkanoid's gameplay is both straightforward and captivating, requiring skillful control of the platform and keen timing to keep the ball in play. The game introduces various power-ups and obstacles, adding depth and variety to the classic Breakout formula. These elements not only enhance the challenge but also keep the gameplay fresh and engaging across different levels.

With its addictive gameplay, Arkanoid stands as a milestone in the evolution of arcade games. It's a testament to the enduring appeal of simple yet engaging game mechanics, and its legacy can be seen in the action genre and beyond. Arkanoid remains a beloved and iconic title, continuing to be enjoyed by fans of classic arcade gaming.

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