Spirit of Excalibur

DOS game, 1990

Synergistic Software
Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Side-view, Top-down
DOS (1990), Amiga (1990), Atari ST (1990), Macintosh (1990)

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Spirit of Excalibur, a game from 1990, it is a story about one of Arthurian legend. After the death of King Arthur, his kingdom descends into chaos and violence. Does this also mean the end of the ideals and unity of the Knights of the Round Table? Of course not! The valiant knight Constantine takes up the duties. He surrounds himself with the remaining knights and together they try to restore peace in England. With the wizard Merlin on their side, that goal doesn't seem out of reach. In this two-dimensional RPG, the player's starting point is Camelot Castle as soon as he gets there from York, which is also his first ever quest. At Camelot, he receives news of what is happening in the country, as well as subjects from various parts of the world asking for the help of the Knights of the Round Table. So the player spends most of his time outside the castle. With his party, he moves around the map with cities, villages and castles. You can also accept quests from locals, while wandering through the green, old English countryside. The game is a blend of adventure and strategy, requiring players to make critical decisions that affect the course of the narrative. Players must rally loyal knights, manage resources, and engage in diplomatic relations with various factions. The strategic element is deepened by the need to contend with rival lords and external threats, making each decision impactful on the stability of the kingdom. Game should please most gamers as it incorporates a strategy war game with some elements of role-playing.

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