North & South

DOS game, 1990

3rd-person, Side-view, Top-down
Comics, History

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This excellent game is not just a simple strategy, it is also an action game about the Civil War in the United States: North & South. The combination of both genres creates something very interesting... The game is set during the American Civil War. You can choose from four campaigns, but there are no big differences between them. You need to win many battles, before the war is over. To do so, you have three types of units: infantry, cavalry and artillery. The most powerful is artillery, but it depends on your tactics and strategy how the battle is going to end. From the central map you choose your next move and fights. If you choose to attack, the game goes into action mode. The battlefield is changeable Just like the weather, so sometimes you fight on the banks of the river for a bridge, other times on dry plains ...

But back, of course, you win all the fights. On the central map, the train moves and goes around the fortresses that need to be conquered. There are five of them. When everything goes, the game switches to the next mode and you have to run over the train. A really interesting game, I was just a little nervous about the pc speaker and sometimes there is such an unpleasant color on the battlefield. But that's a lot of subjective isn't it? so when you download the game, and you download it, fight vigorously and no mercy ... 

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