Warlords 2

DOS game, 1993

SSG Strategic Studies Group
SSG Strategic Studies Group
History, Warfare, Turn-based

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Warlords 2 is a captivating 2D turn-based strategy game set in a richly imagined fantasy world. The game invites players to assume the role of a commander from one of several unique races, each with its distinctive characteristics and abilities. These races include the Kingdoms' people, the enigmatic Dark Elves, the fierce Ussyrian Orcs, the noble Sirians, and more, adding a diverse range of strategic options and playstyles.

Players begin their journey with control of a single city, which serves as the initial base of operations. The primary objective is to expand your empire by capturing additional cities, whether they belong to enemy factions or are neutral. Each city captured becomes a strategic asset, allowing the production of new units to bolster the player's forces. The production of units is a strategic endeavor in itself, as each unit requires a certain number of turns to be created, demanding careful planning and resource management.

The units in Warlords 2 vary not only in their combat abilities but also in their movement points, which dictate how far they can travel each turn. An army's movement speed is determined by its slowest unit, requiring players to thoughtfully consider the composition of their armies for efficient maneuvering across the map.

Battles in Warlords 2 are resolved automatically, with the outcome determined by the game's AI based on the strength and composition of the opposing forces. This design choice places emphasis on pre-battle strategy and unit management, as players cannot directly influence the battle once it begins.

Beyond the core gameplay, Warlords 2 is known for its immersive world-building and lore. The game's fantasy setting is rich with history and character, offering a backdrop that enhances the strategic gameplay. Players can immerse themselves in a world where magic, mystery, and military might intertwine, making each playthrough a unique adventure.

Whether you're orchestrating grand military campaigns, managing the growth of your cities, or delving into the lore of its world, Warlords 2 offers a rewarding and immersive strategy gaming experience.

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