Mixed-Up Mother Goose

DOS game, 1991

Sierra On-Line
Sierra On-Line
DOS (1991), Amiga (1991), Apple II (1991)

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Graphic adventure, which with its focus and educational subtext aimed more at young players. Unlike most previous Sierra adventures, there is no need to enter individual words to complete tasks, but control is simple - the player uses four keys to move around the screen and reacts simply by coming to characters or objects, while at one time carrying a maximum one subject. The story is very simple - in the role of a small child, you fall asleep in the bedroom and through a dream you move to a fairytale land that needs your help. All the children's rhymes have been lost in various places and it is up to you to manage to put all the rhymes together correctly. This is a great game for young children. It is completely non-violent, you cannot die in it (that would be quite brutal in a children's game). The child-hero of the game has the task of bringing 18 objects (or introducing a lost character) to another character (or home). A game character can carry only one item at a time. Unfortunately, items are not reported, so especially in the oldest EGA version, you have no idea what you are actually carrying. When passing through an item, you take the item into inventory, when passing through another item, you put the original one down and take a new one. The game doesn't have a parser, the characters will talk to you when you approach them and say what they want. Then they will even show you a picture of their request.

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