Front Lines

DOS game, 1994

Impressions Games
Impressions Games
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Warfare, Tank

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Set in a fictional post-Cold War era, Front Lines offers a variety of military engagements and scenarios, ranging from small skirmishes to large-scale battles. Players assume the role of a military commander, responsible for planning and executing operations involving land, air, and sea forces. The game's strategic depth is one of its most notable features. Players must manage resources, including troops, vehicles, and equipment, while considering factors such as terrain, weather conditions, and enemy capabilities. Effective resource management and strategic planning are crucial to success in Front Lines, as players must balance offensive actions with the need to protect their own forces.

In addition to resource management, the game requires players to master various tactical elements. This includes positioning units, executing maneuvers, and engaging in combat. The combat system in Front Lines is detailed and realistic, requiring players to consider factors like line of sight, unit strengths and weaknesses, and the effective range of different weapons.

The game offers a range of units and military hardware, accurately representing the technology and weaponry of the era. Players can deploy infantry, tanks, artillery, aircraft, and naval vessels, each with its unique capabilities and tactical applications. Learning the strengths and limitations of each unit type is essential for employing them effectively on the battlefield.

Front Lines features a variety of missions and campaigns, each presenting unique challenges and objectives. Players can engage in standalone battles or participate in larger campaigns, where the outcome of individual missions impacts the overall progress of the war.

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