Frogger 3D

DOS game, 1997

Millennium Interactive
Hasbro Interactive
Platform, Top-down
Windows (1997)
Also known as:
Frogger: He's Back!

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The original Frogger game from 1982 has received a 3D remake in 1997: Frogger: He's Back!. The principles of the game has not changed, you play as a frog - Frogger and you have to move left, right, up, down, and successfully avoid obstacles that block your way. The objective is to explore the map for five small colored frogs: green, orange, purple, blue and red. However, unlike the original game the maps are more complex, rather than recycling the same basic layout each time.[3] Each frog must be collected within a certain amount of time or the player will lose a life, and on top of this, there are various obstacles, traps and enemies which must be avoided and usually are unique to a certain zone. The game is divided into several areas (worlds), so you have to pass through the busy streets, jungles, the American desert, or jump in the clouds. Your goal is to save your five little friends at the end of each area. New to the game is the ability to use Frogger's tongue, which you can use to catch flies and other bugs and so you can gain extra points or special abilities. Even though this game was received very contradictory, it can provide good fun for a few hours.

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