Muse Software

Damascus, Maryland, USA
Also known as:
Micro Users Software Exchange Inc. (from 1978 to 1987)

Micro Users Software Exchange, Inc. was an American video game developer founded by Ed Zaron in Damascus, Maryland, on August 1, 1978. The company later adopted the trading name Muse Software and moved to Baltimore, Maryland. Muse Software primarily focused on developing games for Apple computer, most notably, Castle Wolfenstein and its sequel, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. Muse Software filed for bankruptcy on October 7, 1987. The "Wolfenstein" trademark was acquired by id Software at low cost, in order to release Wolfenstein 3D.

Company's most popular games on
  1. Castle Wolfenstein (1984) — Developer, Publisher
  2. Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1985) — Developer, Publisher

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