Attention to Detail Ltd.

Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Also known as:
Unlike other companies created at the same time, Attention to Detail was extremely quiet during the boom of the 16-bit consoles. Company then developed game Cybermorph (1993) and its sequel Battlemorph (1995). The real first success came when they released racing game Rollcage in 1999. This was the breaking point for the company and it became widely known. After joining Geoff Brown Holdings in 1997, the development team had to work on the official video games of the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000 and Salt Lake City in 2002. Then, they developed other games such as Lego Racers 2 or Drome Racers. Although widely known for its video games, the company also developed utilities for Windows, such as Triever or Q-Motion (video compression utility).
Company's most popular games on
  1. Rollcage (1999) — Developer
  2. Night Shift (1990) — Developer