DOS game, 1987

Coktel Vision
Comics, Cartoon, Western

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In Blueberry, players assume the role of the main character, a cowboy navigating through various challenges and scenarios reminiscent of old Western tales. The game's narrative is inspired by the "Blueberry" comic series, created by Jean-Michel Charlier and Jean Giraud, known for its rich storytelling and detailed artwork. This influence is evident in the game's storyline and visual style, which closely mirrors the aesthetic of the comics.

Blueberry is a mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, and shootouts. Players explore different locations within the game, from dusty towns to remote outposts, interacting with various characters and unraveling the plot through conversations and clue-gathering. The game requires players to make decisions that affect the course of the story, adding an element of player agency and narrative depth.

Players engage in shootouts with bandits and outlaws, using reflexes and tactical thinking to outdraw and outmaneuver their opponents. The combat sequences are interspersed throughout the game, providing action-packed moments amidst the exploration and story-driven gameplay.

Graphically, Blueberry showcases the pixel art typical of mid-1980s DOS games. The graphics, while simple, effectively convey the Wild West setting, with color palettes and designs that evoke the feel of the comics. The character sprites and environments are rendered with enough detail to immerse players in the game's world.

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