Betrayal at Krondor

DOS game, 1993

1st-person, 3rd-person

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The game will take you into the large world of Midkemia, which you see from the first-person and you always have your group of three adventurers. It is worth noting that you have a choice of only two kinds of characters - warriors and magicians, but the good thing is, you have almost complete freedom. Game has an excellent gameplay and very engaging story.

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Game review

Inducing the feeling that you are going through a living world that has its laws, inhabitants, customs and everything that belongs to such a credible world is the dream and goal of the authors of most RPG games. However, Krondor had one advantage at the start - the story is set in a world about which the author has written more than ten (I read them all, but let Gott scare me if I remember how many there were) books. Ah, yes, and such a detail - the Krondor screenplay was written by the author himself, Reymond Elias Feist, a fantasy veteran. The world of Midkemia is huge and Krondor takes place in a small part of it. But quickly from bullshit to play ...

Technical side: the graphics are good for their year (1993), the environment is more average, static images, objects, etc. however, they are at an excellent level. The music is properly tuned - in some places unobtrusive, action-packed. She's not at some great level, but she definitely didn't hurt the game. The controls are really simple, from the basic overview to trading, fighting, or puzzles. The only thing I would like to make out for the interface is the size of the window in which the landscape is displayed, it could have been much more generous (see screenshots). Overall, however, the technical means are true to what this is all about - and this is a particularly strong story in the case of Krondor.

The story is divided into 12 chapters, during which you will take turns the characters you play for (a total of 7 I think). The chapters are like those in the book - they divide the game according to fundamental actions or unexpected twists. You will enjoy the text a lot in Krondor, the language is varied and the plot is relatively detective, so a player with at least an average knowledge of English will not only not enjoy the game properly, but will probably not pass either. So what is it about? ......... I won't tell! Personally, Krondor enchanted me from the beginning of the previous chapter 1 - you are thrown right into the flow - no explanation of who is who, no tutorial. And it must be said that Krondor has, except for a few places where the game will obviously let you catch your breath for a while, a very captivating momentum. Try and not regret it. Krondor as a game is simple, but its plot and the solution of all problems are a suitable nut for an experienced RPG player. The fights are simply solved, similar to the Reams of Arkania. There are also not many characteristics and skills of the characters, they are clearly explainable and they improve only with use - so none such that the mage clicks each level 5 into the strength to be able to wear a quality armor ?. What I would like to highlight in particular is the number of items, their descriptions and graphics, in this respect Krondor has really succeeded. You will find everything from a barrel of wine, through foreign poisons to a chess piece. The plot is linear, but thanks to the fact that it is conceived as a (quality) book (which you can read by the way, it is also called, it was published in 1998 (Czech 2001) and I found a lot of quotes from the game, such as the text that appears if Razz kills you), he 's not bored. Well, it's a hymn of praise, and you learned almost nothing about the game itself or the world of Midkemia, but perhaps I enticed you to at least throw it on the disc and run it ... The others will finish Krondor for me. 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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