Alien Breed

DOS game, 1993

Team 17 Digital
Team 17 Digital
3rd-person, Top-down
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Movie

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Alien Breed, released in 1993, taps into the familiar sci-fi horror theme popularized by the iconic movie "Aliens." For those who have ever fantasized about taking on hordes of extraterrestrial creatures, this game offers the perfect opportunity to do just that. Set against the backdrop of a classic alien invasion narrative, players find themselves aboard the space station ISRC-4, which has become the epicenter of an intense and dangerous alien incursion.

In Alien Breed, players are thrust into the midst of chaos and must navigate the labyrinthine corridors of the space station, facing the alien threat head-on. The primary objective is clear and urgent: stop the invasion by any means necessary, which in this game translates to engaging in relentless combat against the alien forces.

The gameplay is action-packed and intense, requiring players to be constantly on the move, strategically managing their ammunition and health resources while battling wave after wave of alien adversaries. The game's atmosphere is heightened by its top-down perspective, which adds a strategic element to the combat, allowing players to plan their moves and anticipate enemy attacks.

Alien Breed stands out for its effective combination of action, suspense, and a gripping storyline. It captures the essence of a sci-fi thriller, offering gamers an immersive experience as they fight to save the space station and themselves from the alien onslaught. With its engaging gameplay and adherence to the classic alien invasion plot, Alien Breed remains a memorable title for fans of the sci-fi action genre.

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