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ECBA Passing Score participants and their experience, we know that it is safe to assume that the ECBA exam passing score is more than 70%. Hence its suggested to target for 80–90% in the ECBA mock tests to be successful in the ECBA final exam. Again there is no official data by DUMPSARENA to support this. This is based on our best estimate of the information on the ECBA exam.New competitors, market shifts, and new regulations are some obstacles companies encounter regularly. Those who can identify these problems early and execute solutions are more likely to succeed in the long run. Business analysis is critical for any organization since it aids in identifying all vulnerabilities and concerns, implementing appropriate remedies, and constantly monitoring the results based on the data gathered. Business analysis is the process of determining which parts of a company's operations might be improved. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from business analysis, and businesses that address their problems head-on have the best chance of long-term success. The ECBA exam pattern has topics covering the basic knowledge of performing business analysis.

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