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This topic is for comments and discussion about Capitalism. If you have any questions, or problems with this game, let us know. Also feel free to share any insights, useful tips and tricks with us.
Thanks and have fun!

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Trying this game out for the first time. Game wouldn't run (keeps asking you to load the game CD first). Found the following instructions, which let me start the game at least. The drive & game folder mentioned below is where ever you extracted the files. A DOS name will be truncated to 8 characters, probably CAPITALI, upon extraction.

You have to mount the game folder to C:
mount c: d:\games\capitalism

Then you have to mount the same game folder to another drive, but as type of cdrom
mount h: d:\games\capitalism -t cdrom -ioctl

Then you have to change drive to the C drive you mounted

Then launch the game