FIFA 2000

Windows game, 1999

Electronic Arts Canada
Electronic Arts
Isometric, Top-down
Soccer / Football

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FIFA 2000 is a significant entry in the long-standing FIFA football video game series developed by EA Sports. One of the standout features of FIFA 2000 is its extensive roster of teams and leagues. The game includes over 40 national teams and several leagues from around the world, including the English Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, and La Liga. This wide selection allows players to choose from a diverse range of teams, each with its unique strengths, playstyles, and star players.

Graphically, FIFA 2000 marked a significant improvement over its predecessors. The game featured enhanced player models, more realistic animations, and more detailed stadiums. The players' movements were smoother and more lifelike, adding to the realism of the gameplay. The visual improvements made the game more engaging and enjoyable to watch and play.

The gameplay in FIFA 2000 was praised for its balance between accessibility and depth. The controls were intuitive, making it easy for newcomers to pick up and play, while also offering depth and complexity for experienced players. The game introduced new dribbling and ball control mechanics, allowing for more precise and varied playmaking.

FIFA 2000 also featured an improved AI, with opponents and teammates behaving more realistically. This made matches more challenging and dynamic, as players had to adapt their strategies to the evolving situations on the pitch.

FIFA 2000 built upon the strengths of its predecessors to offer a comprehensive and enjoyable football gaming experience. Its combination of a wide selection of teams, improved graphics, intuitive yet deep gameplay, and engaging sound design made it a standout title in the sports gaming genre at the time.

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# Unexpoiled
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Game of my youth

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