Dinosaur Detective Agency

DOS game, 1993

Maximum Effect
Alternative Software
Platform, Side-view
Animals, Dinosaurs
DOS (1993), Amiga (1993)

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Dinosaur Detective Agency, a quirky and educational game from 1993, takes young players on a prehistoric adventure filled with mystery and fun. Set in a world where dinosaurs coexist with modern life, players join a duo of dinosaur detectives tasked with solving puzzles and uncovering clues. The game is designed to be both entertaining and informative, teaching players about various dinosaur species and their characteristics while engaging them in interactive detective work. The dinosaurs that occupied our planet were far more intelligent than we know it - they had their own civilization pretty similar to ours. One of them, Sherlock Ness, runs the detective agency and helps other dinosaurs to find what was stolen from them. There are four cases to be solved and each of them takes place in a different scenery. The aim is to find the exit from the level by controlling our reptilian detective. On the way there are enemies that can be eliminated by jumping on them or can be immobilized for 5 seconds by using the flash of the camera what gives the player the possibility to pass them. After each stage the player has to take a photo of the perpetrator of the robbery (or other crime). In order to do so there is a limited number of shots the player can take. If you are after a rather cheap-looking platform game with a dinosaur dressed up as Sherlock Holmes in it, where you only get one life and thus have to start again from the beginning every time you die, fortune is smiling upon you. Aren't you lucky?

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