Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye

DOS Spiel, 1995

Dritte Person, Isometrisch
Fantasy, Runden-basierte

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Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye ScreenshotCeltic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye ScreenshotCeltic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye ScreenshotCeltic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye Screenshot

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# cwalker81
5 vor monaten

hi! thanks SO much for posting this - was one of my favorite games ever, and i still have the original disc, instructions, and even the poster.

i downloaded the software and tried to run it with DOSBox; however, running Install only brings up the Sound Board Selection screen for me. once that is set the application closes and goes back to DOSBox - i can't get any other application to run the actual game. can anyone help?

i have been playing the online version in the meantime but it does get painfully slow very quickly, so would love to run the actual game locally as it will take days to finish this!

am more than happy to share my game tips and my list of spells - kept my original notes from 1996 as well, ha!

thanks for any help you can provide!!

# cwalker81
5 vor monaten

to add: i found the trick on the abandonia comments - run KOEI and you're set. :) still SO happy to have this game working again, thanks!

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