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Téma: Civilization II
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Re: Civilization II
I have the same problem Ovca8311 has, the game doesn't start at all. Is there a fix for it? I'd look for one, but I have to hurry up and finish a report first, so I can't ... Still, I should be able to look for a solution next week, if it isn't solved and if I can find a way to fix the issue, I'll tell about it in that thread.
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Téma: WW2 plane game
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WW2 plane game
Hi everyone!

I'm looking for the name of an old (early 90s) WW2 flight simulator, which I barely remember; there are three main things I can still recall:
-It had quite a big plane roster, including fighters used on the Pacific theater, like the F4U Corsair.
-The menu was black, with the text in green.
-It wasn't a Dynamix game. I spent hundreds of hours on Red Baron and Aces over Europe, and it definitely was different.
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Téma: Destruction Derby 2
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Re: Destruction Derby 2
Once again, it works great! That was one of my favorite games to play with my brother, I should try and look what I can do to play it in multiplayer mode, if that's possible...
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Téma: B-17 Flying Fortress
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Re: B-17 Flying Fortress
It works perfectly, thanks! I initially thought it was another very similar game, in which you play as a B-17 gunner; which I used to play a lot as a kid...I didn't get what I was looking for, but I was pleasantly surprised with a title that had what I liked to play as a kid.. and more, since there was no crew management function in that other game.

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